Synthesis Essay Format: The Substance in the Form

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Just like in other types of essays, there is also a format in synthesis essays. A synthesis essay is an essay that produces a combination of two or more summaries, ideas, theories and researches of the same topic.
In some of the subjects in schools or in universities, there comes a time when you need to synthesize bits and pieces of information from many sources like art decorations, music, lyrics, graphs and tables. Well, the same goes for synthesis essays.

Synthesis essay format should be formal. You could use informal sentences in your brainstorming and in drafts but not in the actual synthesis essay writing itself. You should always make it formal at the end. This will make your synthesis essay more academic and professional.

The presentation of data and gathered information from various references must also appear logical and justified. To achieve this, it is necessary for you to create a framework that you would follow on. You should also present your sources in a rational manner. To sound more persuasive, choose sources that are reliable and credible in any sense. This will definitely make your synthesis essay look smoother and sounder.

Writing a synthesis essay needs to be taken seriously. There’s even a synthesis essay format to be followed when writing a synthesis essay. The synthesis essay format is somehow similar and overlapping with the synthesis essay’s outline. The general synthesis essay format starts with an introduction. This is where you state your thesis and broad topic. The main prominence of this part is to formulate the problem or the argument at the beginning of the essay. It will be followed then by the divisions of subtopics, usually ranging into three divisions, which present the information gathered from different references, quotations and examples that will support your thesis or argument. The stronger you feel about your thesis, the stronger your argumentations and logical justifications are.

Lastly, the finishing touch of the essay, which is the conclusion, will be next. This will wrap up everything that you write in the introduction and the body. After all of these, the title of your synthesis essay would be decided by you. You should at least create a title that best holds your essay’s point. This synthesis essay format generally works efficiently for all writers. When this synthesis essay format is followed firmly, then there would be no worries of having a loose synthesis essay.

Whether you are synthesizing a scientific data, a literary piece, or mathematical graphs and tables, there is great possibility of having a comparison involved. There is always an analysis present in the synthesis, however. This is also the same when it comes to the synthesis essay format. The key to have a sound synthesis essay is to follow a synthesis essay format. At the end, your work would be smooth-flowing and rational.