Synthesis Essay Outline: Draw Your Line

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Before writing a synthesis essay, it is always recommended and appropriate to have an outline. An outline will be your ultimate guide in your writing. Having a synthesis essay outline to follow also assures the organization of your essay.

Generally, a synthesis essay outline consists of introduction, subtopics and conclusion.

  • Introduction – Introduction is the first part of a synthesis essay. As the name implies, it introduces the topic and tells what your essay is about. At the end of it, the main topic should be stated clearly along with its broad topics. Your thesis should also be stated clearly in this part.
  • First subtopic – Subtopics are divisions of the broad topic that you choose. In the first subtopic, you should be able to present your references, quotations and examples that will support your thesis.
  • Second subtopic – The second subtopic is basically the same in structure as the first subtopic. Present your references and quotations from your sources. Examples will be next.
  • Third subtopic – Like in the first subtopic and second subtopic, the third subtopic structure is basically the same as the two previous subtopics. References, quotations and examples are also presented here to make a sound argument on your essay. You just have to organize your writing and present your credible sources to achieve good and convincing statements and justifications.
  • Conclusion – In the conclusion part, you should be able to have a whole grasp of everything you said from the beginning and in the body of your essay. You should be able to have a concluding statement about your thesis and the information that support or challenge it.

In making your synthesis essay outline, your main goal is to achieve precision and sound articulation of your argument. Synthesis essay outline is meant to get a snapshot of what you intend to write so you need to incorporate important specifics and details when you are making one. Making a bullet list will really help you organize everything. You don’t need to write everything in the synthesis essay outline, too. You just have to state the general or main idea for you to be able to create a vivid picture of it. A little explanation and hints of your points will do.

Writing a synthesis essay is crucial. Organization is the main key in writing one. Without it, your arguments will appear illogical and disorganized which may lead to a very poorly written synthesis essay. So you see, a synthesis essay outline is very important in writing a synthesis essay. It is one of the basic things that a writer should do. As a whole, a synthesis essay outline serves as the armor in any battlefield called synthesis essay writing.